MULTILINE 1800 and 1811 – multiple connectors for compressed air with and without shut-off

MULTILINE – the cost-effective classic connector:

MULTILINE 1800 + 1811
  • Multiple connections in one connector
  • Connection and disconnection also under pressure
  • Shorter machine set-up times
  • Assembly requires no tools
  • Robust and durable
  • Ideal for construction of machines and systems

The 1800 series includes connections for compressed air, vacuum and fluids and features full flow with no pressure loss.

Tube diameters range from four to six or a maximum of eight millimetres. The MULTILINE 1800 series is delivered completely assembled and only has to be connected with the pneumatic tubes by means of the practical Eisele push-in connectors. The MULTILINE 1811 series features an additional integrated automatic shut-off. This means that these multiple connectors can be connected and disconnected also under pressure with little physical effort, allowing fast tool changing during operation, for example.

The right plug position is ensured by a positioning pin. Additional coded pins prevent incorrect connection of different media types. The compact design of the MULTILINE 1800 and 1811 provides a cost-effective multiple connector for simple pneumatic (and also vacuum) connections; this multiple connector is also a good solution for many liquids.

MULTILINE – the variants:

Base body:

  • aluminium

Push-in connector:

  • nickel-plated brass


  • FPM


  • with shut-off
  • with one- or two-sided shut-off

Number of connections:

  • 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
  • 16, 20, 22, 24, 32


  • Tube bundle
  • colour-coded pins
  • mounting bracket

Various tube types and diameters

Customised versions


We also manufacture custom connections

We deliver more than just our catalogue products. We also develop alternative solutions for your application. Do you require multiple couplings of other materials or with alternative connection combinations, specific shapes, other line outlets, special distributor blocks, or special holding constructions? Approximately 2,000 customer-specific solutions that have already been permanently added to the Eisele product range, speak for themselves.

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