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Optimal heat dissipation for a good connection

Coolant circuits have the task of dissipating heat from welding processes. This requires high flow rates in a compact space. All connections of the Eisele LIQUIDLINE were therefore optimised to fulfil these requirements for closed liquid circuits. With the LIQUIDLINE, Eisele offers the most comprehensive line of components for closed coolant applications. The LIQUIDLINE connections are manufactured from dezincification-resistant brass, an alloy developed especially for closed coolant circuits. The threaded connections of the 2500 series are ideal for use on welding robots, since they do not become loose even in highly dynamic processes involving movement and vibrations. This makes it possible to prevent failures and production downtimes. The BASICLINE from Eisele offers the largest available standard assortment of connection components for the supply of compressed air and welding gases.


Eisele Steckanschlüsse - Basicline