Verpackung - Eisele Anwendung


Packaging systems, depending on their particular task, have to be supplied with compressed air, vacuum or gases. Water, cleaners and disinfectants also have to be supplied reliably and with precise dosing to the consumption points. The Eisele BASICLINE offers the largest available standard assortment of threaded connections, push-in connectors and accessories for the supply of compressed air, vacuum and technical gases. Due to the cyclical operation of most packaging machines, these media are supplied by means of flexible hose connections, which have to remain tightly sealed and securely connected even after many thousand hours of operation to prevent leaks. Eisele offers the right solutions, including the hose lines, for all of these tasks.

The high-quality connections of the Eisele INOXLINE are manufactured from non-corrosive and acid-proof stainless steel. They are ideal for humid, harsh environments and for use with fluids with extreme pH values. They are easy to clean and very hygienic. The 3600 series from Eisele provides dead zone-free connections for complete cleaning from the inside with no residue.

With the MULTILINE Eisele offers an innovative concept. This product line is used for connecting several media lines by means of a single multiple connector, which can even be used for electronic connections. A modular system enables the reliable, efficient and compact connection of single components or complete assemblies in one simple step by means of a single connector for all media. Installation and set-up times are reduced significantly.