Abfüllanlage - Eisele Anwendung

Filling technology

Filling systems for foods and beverages, and also for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, are often cleaned using aggressive substances. Hygiene aspects are at the focus here. The Eisele INOXLINE fulfils all design criteria for wet cleaning. The INOXLINE includes numerous stainless steel push-in connectors as well as components designed with no dead zones or joints where product residue can accumulate. The dead zone-free stainless steel connections of the 3600 series and the jointless connections of the 3800 series are designed for use with liquid media and therefore are easy to clean, also from the inside. They also withstand cleaning and disinfection from the outside and can be used in sterile environments or in aseptic filling applications. For the supply of compressed air the Eisele BASICLINE offers the largest available assortment of push-in connectors, threaded connections and accessories. The stainless steel MULTILINE opens up entirely new possibilities for modular system concepts. 


Eisele Steckanschlüsse - Basicline